About Bozhentzi

About Bozhentzi

Bozhentzi is a village in North Bulgaria located in the Gabrovo region, 15 km away from Gabrovo and 201 km away from Sofia. The village has an ancient history and is a preferred destination for all admirers of cultural and eco-tourism.

Bozhentzi was proclaimed an architectural and historical reserve in 1964. This is the reason for the incredible Renaissance look of the village. The houses in Bozhentzi carry the spirit of old days and are a true cultural heritage. The museum-houses, the Monastery school, the cutlery workshop, and the Prophet Iliya Church contribute to the authentic look of villages during the Bulgarian Rennaissance, known as the Revival. You could also visit Baba Raina’s Museum-House, Doncho Popa’s Museum-House, and many other beautiful houses, cobblestoned streets, stone fountains, and bridges.

Every year children from different towns gather in Bozhentzi to study the art of painting. Depending on the season and the holiday, local people organize special exhibitions dedicated to national customs and traditions, such as Lazaruvane, Koleduvane, and St. George’s Day. 

Tourists may visit some of the traditional taverns and enjoy typical Bulgarian cuisine. The tasting of the delicious local white jam is a must.


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