Located only 15 km away from Bozhentzi, Gabrovo has always been famous for the frugality and wit of its inhabitants. This is the reason why the only Museum of Humor and Satire in the world was established here. The area of Uzana is located in the vicinity of Gabrovo. It is the geographic center of Bulgaria.

Gabrovo is also known for the one-of-a-kind neighborhood Etar – a modern reconstruction of Bulgarian customs, culture, and craftsmanship. In the Architectural Ethnographic Museum you will find the one and only collection of Renaissance water-driven machinery in Bulgaria. It consists of ten sites and it is one of the richest and most well-organized active technical collections among the European open-air museums. The water wheel has become the symbol of the Etar.

There is an eco-trail from Bozhentzi that leads to Tryavna. The walk along this route takes about two hours. The town of Tryavna is famous for its carving and iconography. It is the birthplace of Petko and Pencho Slaveykov, Angel Kanchev, etc. The pride of Tryavna are the numerous museum-houses. Incredible as it may seem, in this picturesque town you will also discover the Museum of Asian and African Arts. All visitors could relax amidst the beautiful greenery in the garden in front of the museum while listening to the calming murmur of the fountain.

In this region you could also visit the Dryanovo Monastery. This part of Bulgaria fascinates with various cliffs, caves, unique rock formations, flora, and fauna. The fabulous monastery’s ravine has an ancient history and the contemporary monastery is among the most admired sanctuaries of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, a national historic monument, and a preferred tourist site.

Bacho Kiro cave is located in the Dryanovo Monastery region amidst the picturesque canyons of Anduka River and Dryanovo River. It is an archeological site of national importance. Remains of prehistoric people who lived in the cave were also found here.

There are several eco trails starting from the center of Bozhentzi and leading to the villages of Kumani and Skortsite village, the region around Marina Dupka cave, as well as the town of Tryavna. Enjoy the wonderful nature in the area, take a deep breath of fresh air, and recharge with energy and positive emotions.


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